Bob is a hypnotherapist with over 40 years of experience and very well known within his industry.

Apart from working as a full time therapist he is a much sought after speaker and lecturer in the field and delivers training and workshops in hypnosis around the world (many countries in Europe along with America, Canada, Australia and the Far East).

He is also the founder of The Swan Protocol, now used in more than 65 countries around the world, which specialises in making contact with the subconscious, very often with no hypnosis required. This is a groundbreaking procedure and much sought after by people who either find it difficult to go into hypnosis or indeed where the procedure concerns them in some way.

In other words: hypnosis is NOT necessary! Bob can very happily, and with GREAT results, work with people outside hypnosis, through The Swan Protocol.

Apart from working in his therapy rooms it is now possible to have an appointment with Bob from anywhere in the world and at anytime via Skype, FaceTime etc.



Nick is a hypnotherapist, coach and mentor based in the City of London and Kent. He has formerly been certified as a trainer for some of the worlds largest and most recognised hypnosis organisations, but now only offers mentorship to a select number of hypnotherapists and former students.

Nick is the organiser of the UK Hypnosis Convention - an independent, open and inclusive annual event, with no affiliations to any professional organisations, associations, registers or training schools.

The convention welcomes guests and presenters from around the world, with the main objectives being to give fellow hypnotists and hypnotherapists a place to network and to learn and to progress the profession together.

In addition to working in coaching, mentoring and therapy, he is also a sought after professional consultant with a diverse client base ranging from individuals and couples with personal issues through to to business owners, City traders and brokers, executives and Hedge Fund Managers.

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