WEEK SIX – World Hypnosis Day Extravaganza …

It’s 2018! – It’s Week Six and your favourite hypnosis podcasters Bob Burns and Nick Ebdon are back with their TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast. Christmas has been and gone and these particular two gooses have got fat, but now after an extended break enjoying the festivities, they have returned for episode six. This episode has no guests (for[…]

WEEK TWO – Featuring Felix Economakis

Join Bob and Nick for the second TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast featuring Felix Economakis. This week, we welcomed Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Felix Economakis for what turned out to be a fantastic first interview for our show. We were enjoying it so much that we allowed it to run over its allotted time, but we are show[…]