WEEK FIVE – Featuring Freddy Jacquin

It’s Week Five of the Bob and Nick TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast featuring Freddy Jacquin.

With Bob Burns currently touring down under teaching The Swan (and stealing Freddy’s Arrow technique while on his travels and passing it off as his own), the podcast has had a brief hiatus.

Freddy discusses The Arrow and his three decades as a hypnotherapist

However, this week its back with a bang and dedicated entirely to an interview with the delightful and charming Freddy Jacquin who generously shares his thoughts and opinions on hypnotherapy as he reflects on nearly thirty years of experience in the profession.

Freddy also gives us a little more information on The Arrow – the technique he and son Anthony Jacquin have been training practitioners in the world over.

Because the interview went so well, it left no time for some of the other regular features the podcast listeners may be use to, but the absence of them in this weeks edition certainly wont detract from anyones enjoyment.

To find out more about Freddy, The Arrow and the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, please use the links below:




To contact Freddy directly for supervision, one to one training or to book a therapy appointment email: freddy.jacquin@gmail.com

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