WEEK FOUR – Featuring Hayden Ebert

It’s Week Four of the Bob and Nick TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast featuring Hayden Ebert.

It’s the first podcast after the UK Hypnosis Convention 2017 (the UK’s biggest and friendliest hypnosis convention no less), so join Bob and Nick as they discuss some of the many positives they took from the past weekend spent with some of the biggest names in hypnosis.

Hayden Ebert discusses Lucid Dreaming

Also this week Bob and Nick welcome Hayden Ebert – an expert on Lucid Dreaming to talk about exactly what lucid dreaming is and of his plans to teach others the phenomenon in 2018.

For more information and to contact Hayden, email him directly using the link HERE.

Also in this week’s ‘Ask Bob’ section of the show, Bob and Nick tackle an issue that was mentioned on more than one occasion at this years hypnosis convention; the subject of appropriate or inappropriate touching of clients and students. Will you agree with that the guys have to say.

Finally for week four’s Try It Out, Bob shares a little insight into his own approach and invites you to try the same. Be sure to check it out and tell them what you think by heading to the Try It Out tab on the top of the HOMEPAGE .


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