WEEK SIX – World Hypnosis Day Extravaganza …

It’s 2018! – It’s Week Six and your favourite hypnosis podcasters Bob Burns and Nick Ebdon are back with their TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast.

Christmas has been and gone and these particular two gooses have got fat, but now after an extended break enjoying the festivities, they have returned for episode six.

This episode has no guests (for hypnotherapists are far too busy this time of year don’t you know!) but it is laden with goodies which include:

  • Discussing New Years Resolutions
  • Discussing Alberto Dell’Isolo and his exciting and ambitious Brazilian project coming up this month
  • Discussing gripes and setting the world to rights
  • Urine on the floor in Asda
  • A great Ask Bob question from Darren in Darenth
  • And much, much more ….

The gents have decided to come out a little more off the hoof, a little more opinionated and a little edgier this year and we hope you appreciate it:

Please let us know your thoughts and your feedback – we genuinely would love to hear from you all.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Alberto’s Brazilian Extravaganza check it out here.

Oh and if you are a scottish hypnotherapist, please accept our apologies…


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