WEEK THREE – Featuring Lorraine Gleeson

It’s Week Three of the Bob and Nick TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast featuring Lorraine Gleeson.

This week, join Bob and Nick as they discuss and debate the merits of evidence based hypnosis over anecdotal hypnosis, trying to define what each is and exploring the potential limitations and problems of both. This is a topic that promises to roll on and on over the coming weeks and months and which is hoping to attract polarising opinion, controversy and debate.

Also this week the guys welcome Lorraine Gleeson from the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy to discuss, amongst other things, her new online training she has been producing.

For more information on Lorraine and to find out about her training and hypnotherapy practice – please click HERE.

Also this week we have an awesome two-part question for our ‘Ask Bob’ section of the show, where Bob responds to a question put to him from one of our inquisitive listeners.

Finally for week three, the guys have something a little different in their ‘Try It Out’ section of the show, so be sure to check it out and tell them what you think by heading to the Try It Out tab on the top of the HOMEPAGE .


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