WEEK TWO – Featuring Felix Economakis

Join Bob and Nick for the second TALKHYPNOSIS.NET podcast featuring Felix Economakis.

This week, we welcomed Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Felix Economakis for what turned out to be a fantastic first interview for our show. We were enjoying it so much that we allowed it to run over its allotted time, but we are show you will understand why when you listen to it. Felix runs a busy and vibrant practice, having built a solid reputation as a psychologist and change worker over seventeen years and in this informative episode, shares with us the next stages of his incredibly successful career.

For more information on Felix, to purchase one of his books, or even to book an appointment – please click HERE.

Because the interview ran on, the only regular feature we were able to include this week was the ‘Ask Bob’ section where Bob responds to a question put to him from one of our inquisitive listeners.

Also after enjoying the podcast, be sure to tell us what you think as well as heading to the Try It Out tab on the top of the HOMEPAGE to try our challenge of the week.


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